Thursday, October 13, 2016

So what's it all about anyway?

      I admittedly have committed the cardinal sin of blogging,  not posting.  No excuses really, just preoccupied with other stuff and not correctly prioritizing.  Will that change?  I hope so, but we will see.

     So what is this goofy little site supposed to be about?  Good question.  My vision is to just make it about life, the good life, the bad life, and just taking a bite out of it everyday.  I love coffee, so it's about coffee.  I like stuff, so it's about some subscription boxes I like.  I hate politics, so it's about an occasional rant.  I like art so it's about art, (I am of course biased toward the things my artist wife creates).  I like hockey,  nope, probably no hockey stuff, until of course the Rangers win the Cup this year!.  etc. etc. etc.  Great!  Find a niche and write about it, yeah that's not me.  As my instagram profile says "Jack of all trades master of none"  @bitethis1 by the way. So onward! and stuff whatever.  Oh, bye the way I really love to cook, and I'm told I do it pretty well, so I do have a food blog (along with about 500,000,000,000,000 other people)  check it out  I post on there once in awhile with recipes and other food related stuff.

     So, today's rant.  I am a Libertarian, both big L and little l.  Which means that my political philosophy is libertarian and my party affiliation is Libertarian.  They don't always mesh with one another, but they are close enough for me. Definition?

Pronunciation: "li-b&r-'ter-E-&n 
Function: noun 
1 : an advocate of the doctrine of free will 
2 a : a person who upholds the principles of absolute and unrestricted liberty especially of thought and action b capitalized : a member of a political party advocating libertarian principles

 Being Libertarian means a few things in the way people view you,

     1. Both sides of the statist government and their shills and sheep.  Oh that's probably not nice, umm...... R's and D's and the people that vote for them,  that's better.  They both think that you are nuts.  R's see you someplace to the left of Bernie and D's see you out past Rush. They both like to throw out the anarchist label, showing just how dumb they are, that's probably not nice either......oh well.

    2 If you are a Christian, being a libertarian can put you at odds with the more conservative folks in your church.  "How can you possibly vote for (L) given their stance on (insert favorite conservative talking point)"  More on this later.

    3. Both sides believe that a vote for (L) is really a vote for (D) or (R).  I don't understand how any one can screw this up.  If I vote for candidate A, I'm voting for candidate A, not candidate B or C.
It seems simple to me.  "yeah, but if enough people vote for A they are taking votes away from B/C then B/C will win!". By definition you can't take something away from someone if they don't have it.  (I can't stand B or C so if there wasn't A, I wouldn't vote)  And if enough people vote for A, A will win.  Like I said, simple.

    4. Being libertarian means that you believe in freedom, not just the narrow definition that fits into a political party's ideals.  Freedom should win in every conversation.  This will at some point put you at odds with just about everyone.  A few examples;  gay rights, gun rights, education rights, abortion rights, the right to be free from government intrusion, drug rights, the right to free commerce,  A few more things,  foreign intervention, military spending, welfare spending, tax exemption for religious organizations, privatization of government programs.  The list goes on.  But what you will not find is hypocrisy,  you will either be on the side of freedom or you are on the side of your approved freedoms.  Before someone says it, no libertarians do not think you are free to do whatever you want, "Your rights end were my nose begins".  If you don't get that, stop reading here, you are to stupid to continue.
        And please, please, please  don't confuse religious beliefs with political beliefs. If you can use just a tiny bit of logic you can get this.  If you think that your religious belief has to be reflected in your government, you are wrong.  Very simply,  if your religion should be the law for everyone, what you want is a Theocracy not a Democracy.  Look around the world, theocracies don't work out to well.

     I have just decided to save my rant for the political/religious litmus test for another day. A hint on what I mean, we could also call it "The political right wing's hijacking of 'evangelical' Christianity."

      I have been a big "L" libertarian for quite awhile, my little Libertarian party membership card says 2006.  I think however I have been a small "l" libertarian for much longer than that. I probably aligned more with conservatives, but I never really felt comfortable with many of the more right wing folks.  Likewise, although I agreed with many things the progressives espoused, so much government drove me away.  This feeling of not liking either choice is what lead me to look elsewhere and eventually find the Libertarian party.  Will I see a Libertarian President in my life time?  The odds are no, but maybe in my children's life. That's why I'm a Libertarian now.  The two party system has led to massive abuses of power, and is taking us down a road of less and less freedom, regardless of the which of the two big parties are in.  To my Republican friends, if you think your party is for smaller government, you haven't been paying attention.  My Democrat friends, if you think your party is for inclusion and tolerance, you need to yank your head out of.......the sand.

     That's my rant for now if you want to see were you line up with libertarians go here

Peace everyone (even if you are a statist)


Monday, August 15, 2016

Feeling some fresh salsa in my near future!

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My favorite salsa recipe coming soon