Monday, February 20, 2017

Atlas Coffee Club February shipment PERU

via Instagram

     I've been checking out a new coffee subscription service, Atlas Coffee Club.  The concept is pretty cool, you get a monthly coffee shipment from a different coffee producing country. You also get a post card highlighting that country and an information card about the coffee.
     This month my coffee is from the Cajamarc region of Peru, produced by El Palto.  It's a nice coffee with some caramel and fruit notes, maybe a little nutty. The info card flavor profile says, caramel, almond and pear.
    I made it with a Chemex, and with a French Press.  The French press brings out some of the subtler notes, but I'm a big fan of pourovers.  Overall a great coffee from a country I rarely get coffee from. I'll put up more about Atlas and their coffees in the future.


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